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CHIEF JUDGE Opening Speech

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Mr. Myocho Kan, IYSA Advisor and Chief Judge

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CHIEF JUDGE Opening Speech

A very good evening Jakarta time and greetings to all. This is Myocho Kan from Malaysia, also the Founding President of Advance Accreditation Authority (Singapore). Foremost, congratulations to Indonesian Young Scientist Association (IYSA) for your effort in making the World Science, Environment and Engineering Competition (WSEEC) 2021 a reality. It is a big initiative and plenty of hard work, bringing cheers to the young scientific community amidst the COVID19 pandemic, that science, environment and engineering continue to be relevant and progress in such trying times today.

The participation from 21 countries from Hong Kong, India, Iran, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, USA, Vietnam, Indonesia, Macedonia, Nigeria, Yemen, Russia, and Iraq, is a testimony of humanity in togetherness, in seeking the advancement of science to ensure the progress and sustainability of both mankind and mother earth in mutual co-existence.

This year, a total of 288 entries are recorded. The unprecedented format and methodology of WSEEC, being a young but impactful initiative, shows how science and technology itself can be deployed in times of crisis. On-line and remote participation, judging and event management were organized in a relatively smooth and commendable way so far, although more improvements are still being made from past lesson and experience. Not forgetting the guidance and patience from teachers and parents in making our young scientists and researchers excited and inquisitive in exploring science and technology. The young is our future, they are the hope in developing and preserving a better world by empowering them with scientific knowledge and prowess. Scientific prowess should also be developed together with their sense of humanity and humility, entrepreneurship skills to see through that their scientific discoveries reach the market place or utilization for the betterment of mankind.

A total of 60 esteemed judges are appointed from various backgrounds. This gives a holistic basis on which the entries are assessed to ensure a holistic and wholesome standard. The question of judging system integrity is always given due attention and WSEEC judges are never short of being professional. Many judges that I know contributing in WSEEC were awarded the Distinction for Professionalism Award from the Standard for Professionalism and Integrity Development, Empowerment and Reach (SPIDER), participants are hence assured of a fair and professional assessment system. [SPIDER is an international standard for integrity and professionalism, scheme owner Advance Accreditation Authority Singapore.] This year will be no different, I will personally participate in the judging sessions to randomly to observe the performance of the judges who are already very qualified in their own forte.

WSEEC, being an international platform, is not only about competition but also as a platform for scientific growth among the humanity. Competition is only event to spur the spirit of discovery and motivate the relentless effort in seeking advancement in STEM. Winning or losing is not important, seeking to challenge personal frontier and limit is the principle of success. Here, I would like to wish ALL PARTICIPANTS that you enjoy the event and perform your best!

Last but not least, thank you for the efforts taken by Mr. Deni Irawan, the President of IYSA, his dedicated committee, the international panel of judges, participants, associates, friends from the media and all members of the global community in making WSEEC 2021 a great success!

  • Myocho Kan
  • Advisor and Chief Judge of IYSA
  • President, Advance Accreditation Authority Pte Ltd, Singapore
  • President, 3A Global (
  • Former EXCO, Confederation of Scientific and Technological Associations in Malaysia
  • Former judge / assessor / chief judge in China, Taiwan, Hungary, Indonesia, Malaysia and Switzerland

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