World Science, Environment and Engineering Competition

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Abouts WSEEC

Currently we are in the era of the revolution industrial 4.0 (21st century) which of the course really demands a fundamental change in the world of education. The demands of the world require the world of education to make various innovations and breakthroughs in increasing the competence of human resources . 21 Century learning needs to integrate literacy skills, knowledge skills, skills and attitudes, as well as mastery of technology. besides that, we also have to look at the current development and knowledge of children about science, inventions and innovations, especially in the field of science, so it requires us to know the extent of students' insights, knowledge and abilities in applying their knowledge.

The current learning process that is required by using the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) approach. On this basis, the Indonesian Young Scientists Association (IYSA), an organization engaged in research and scientific work in particular, feels obliged to play a role in facilitating the students so that they are able to compete in the world industrial 4.0.

IYSA and Sekolah Ilmu Lingkungan Universitas Indonesia will hold an International-level standard Invention competition entitled "World Science Environment and Engineering Competition (WSEEC)" in collaboration with Malaysia Innovation,Invention and Creativity Association, Alpha Science Educational Project Turkey, Department of Food Science and Technology IPB, Actuatial Science Department ITS, LPPM Universitas Negeri Medan. This event as an appropriate learning platform to foster our young generation.