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Good Shepherd Students Win Silver Medals at WSEEC International Event 2023

Three class XI MIPA Plus Good Shepherd High School students who are members of the Youth Scientific Group (KIR SMA GB) again made achievements in the International Scientific Writing Competition (LKTI) at the 2023 World, Science, Environment, and Engineering Competition (WSEEC).The team led by Jennifer Lie consisting of Valeria Nadine and Wirya Adhikara with Winny Kurniawan, S.Si., M.Si as supervisor won the Silver Medal and Semi Grand Award.

WSEEC is an annual international event in the field of innovation and invention to develop the spirit and creative thinking of young scientists.There are seven categories contested, namely mathematics, energy and engineering, social science, physics, life science, environment, and technology. The final round of WSEEC 2023 will be held in a hybrid manner by the Faculty of Pharmacy, Pancasila University, Department of Food Science, Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) University, MILSET ASIA &; Indonesian Young Scientist Association (IYSA) in Jakarta on August 1-5, 2023.The WSEEC 2023 finals were attended by 359 project finalists from 22 countries including America, Italy, South Korea, Poland, Mexico, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Bulgaria, and Singapore. With details of 294 finalists choosing online mode and 65 finalists choosing offline mode at Pancasila University, Jakarta.

"The Good Shepherd team chose the field of life science and participated in the online competition mode," said Winny, born in Singkawang City. "Our team raised the potential of citrus peels in fighting mosquitoes that cause bloody germs and elephantiasis," said Jennifer, the daughter of the couple Lie Tjiu Thie and Lo Po Cu who likes to travel.In the final round, the three students had to present their papers in 7 minutes and question and answer 8 minutes via zoom with the international judges."During the presentation and question and answer yesterday, although still a little nervous, but it was calmer in responding to questions from the judges," said Wirya, son of Heryanto and Sinju Utavi, when asked about their feelings during the final competition.In the midst of the silver medal celebration that had been announced through a zoom meeting, something surprising happened at the end of the awarding ceremony.

"Our team was again mentioned by the host to win the Semi Grand Award and have the right to take part in the competition in Romania offline (offline) in 2024 at the International Social, Science, Engineering and Education Romanian Competition IS2E2R," said Nadine, the daughter of Sudijono Tendijono and The Heriyanti, in a tone of disbelief.

Usually, only gold medalists will get the semi-grand award. In addition to the Pontianak Good Shepherd High School team, SMAN 7 Surabaya also received a semi-grand award to Romania.

Separately, Sister Anastasia Kran, S.Ag. as the principal of GB High School expressed her gratitude and gratitude for the achievements that had been achieved. "Thank you for the prayers of the Capuchin priests of the foundation board, the support of Mr. Ami's school committee, the help of the teachers and staff council, the blessings of the parents of the students, and the guidance of Mr. Winny. Hopefully this achievement can be a motivation for other children to continue to develop their talents and interests," said the Sister from the Franciscan Sambas Congregation (KFS) who is more familiarly called the Dionesian Sister. (PMS/SER)

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